Review and Swatches: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface


Hey everyone!  Today I'm going to be reviewing the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in "Dollface."  These blushes got a lot of hype when they first came out in March of last year.  There is still a lot of hype about this product, several magazines and sites said it was one of the best blushes of 2011!  I totally agree with them!  

The blush that I'm reviewing is called "Dollface", it a nice light matte pink.  I think this blush would look good on anyone from fair-medium skin.  This is a great everyday blush since the pink is so light.  Of course you could build it up to make it a little darker.

Since this is an Amazonian Clay Blush it has the amazon river it the middle of the blush.  I have used this blush so much you cant really see it, but you can still see it a little.

Tarte says this blush will help all skin types.  For oily skin types it will help minimize oil in and around porse to balance skin and keep product in place.  For dry skin this blush will nourish and hydrate.  Lastly for combination skin types it will zero in on skin concerns and deliver benefits to help restore complexion.

I have normal to dry skin and I have not seen any benefits from using this blush.  But then again you will probably have to use this blush everyday for 6-8weeks.  Since I have not been using this blush that long I don't know for sure about the skin benefits.

Tarte also claims this blush will last 12 hours.  For me it lasts about 8-10 hours, that's still pretty good for the staying power.  The staying power could be different for other people but I would say this will last you for sure 6-10 hours.

The pan also comes out of the little container.  The container has a little magnet in the inside, but the blush pan does not have a magnet.  If you wanted to put the blush pan in an empty palette for traveling or whatever you want, you  could stick a magnet on the back of the pan.

Here are some swatches...

Here is the blush on my cheeks 
(The picture did not turn out that good!)

So as you can see this blush is gorgeous!  If I was rating this blush out of 10 I would give it a 9/10.  The only reason this blush lost a point is because Tarte claims it wears 12 hours but it actually isn't that long
(8-10 hours).  I think the pigmentation is great and the packaging is adorable!

All in all its a great blush!  This Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes cost $25.00, and you can buy them at Sephora, Tarte, Ulta, or Amazon.  These blushes come in 12 different shades, so I'm sure there will be a shade you like!

I hope you enjoyed this review and thought is was helpful!  I'm for sure going to get more colors in the future!  Now I'm wondering, do you like these blushes?  Do you have any of the Tarte blushes?  Are you going to buy any of these blushes in the future?  Leave a comment down below!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I have been curious about this blush for awhile.

  2. 8 - 10 hours is a long time. Pretty color. I like how the compact pops out.

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  4. the perfect blush color!check out my Giveaway kisses xoxo La Folie 

  5. I have bought a tarte blush when I came to the USA and I think it's this color, should go and find it among my other tons of make up ! I love it and tomorrow I am gonna use it again thanks to this post...thanks for reminding this to me ;)
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  6. I have heard so many great things about these blushes, really want to try them out :)

  7. interesting review. do you want to start following each other?

  8. the color looks great!!

  9. this looks great! :)

  10. It looks great!
    I actually don't have any Tarte products but here in Brazil people really like the brand and I'm thinking about buying some things to try out!


  11. I do not normally wear blush, but this color looks very natural and flirty.

  12. Hey There! Great review, I have been trying to decide for a while now whether I should buy one of these blushes and it is quite obvious that many people love it for both color, quality and wear time, but I just can't fork over the $25 for it, but I think one of these days I may just have to get over my sticker shock!

  13. I've been meaning to get this for forever!!!

  14. Hi,

    congrats on being voted into this week`s Links a la Mode!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best, Jenny

  15. I love Tarte's blushes too! They have such lovely colors :)

  16. I love Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface It actually made my 2012 Faves :)



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